The Do’s and Don’ts of Panel Maintenance

The Do’s and Don’ts of Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are a necessity in today’s world, and they can save you money on your energy bills. These devices require regular maintenance to prevent damage as any other device does. That is why it pays off to invest in a knowledgeable solar panel service provider that will keep your roof protected from these pesky problems with premium repairs for their layout and positioning of those expensive pieces of equipment!

Reasons for Solar Panel Failure

There are many reasons for solar panels to stop performing. Let’s check them out.

Hot Spots on the Glass Panel

Cracks in the glass can be a sign that your solar panels may need to have their lamination and waterproofing repaired. This prevents any internal damage from leaking out into other parts of the panel.
Sometimes, you’ll notice cracks on the surface of your solar panel as it grows over time – these are problematic because they weaken its effectiveness by letting water leak inside, which will then cause more problems for how well it works with electricity production through sunlight exposure later down the line! Fortunately, this might not affect what’s under those cracks at all: laminate or waterproofing could stay intact even if there’s some cracking going on up top!

Wires Dangling Out

When it comes to the potential dangers of solar panels, residents have a lot more than just harsh weather and high winds to worry about. The wires that connect PV inverters with solar batteries are also common sources of concern in this region as they can be subject to wear and tear from extreme conditions or improper installation practices, which is why agencies specializing in such repairs use checking tools before offering solutions.

Internal damages

Sometimes solar panels become discoloured over time and lead to browning of EVA films and burned-out front/back solar modules. Experts remove the glass and repair them. A good technician will be able to determine the feasibility of the damage quickly.

External Damages

External forces also cause detrimental effects on your solar panel. Animal bites, broken branches can damage the panels too. Extreme cold can also twist or buckle the panels that lead to breakage. It’s not safe to repair these yourself and leave them to a trusted technician.

Normal Aging Process

It is normal for solar panels to age over time and gives faulty services. While no one can predict when the panel will fade out, a regular repair can halt the process to some extent. So, it’s necessary to contact a service provider who can provide maintenance services regularly.

Things to Check While Hiring a Solar Technician

There are a few checklists that you need to maintain while hiring a technician:

The license of the Company

The company needs to have a proper license to operate. Australian legislations dictate that firms require to be certified to set up and fix solar energy systems.


A solar panel repair provider needs to have at least five years of experience. So, you must ensure your company has been operating in the market for several years. Also, the service technicians should be certified by reputed vocational schools.


Every repair company must provide a warranty and a post-repair service. They should be located within easy proximity and available for any emergency service. The agency should provide a warranty and give free service in case of accidental or non-accidental damages.


This is also another crucial factor for your solar panel repair. The agency should provide a comprehensive before commencing work. You should be clear about billing and any other additional expenditure. Make your survey of estimates before handing over solar repair work.
Several solar panel repair companies are capable of performing photovoltaic module repairs. There are many advantages of hiring these professional agencies. You need to choose them only after careful consideration for extending the life of solar panels. Selecting a quality solar agency serving Yanchep will reduce system failures and churn out superior performance for years to come.
If something is wrong with your solar panels, just get in touch with us. Boutique Solar is the trusted solar panel installation and replacement partner for Yanchep’s residents. We meet all the above criteria.

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