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Solar Replacement Services in Perth

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Solar System Replacement

In addition to installing solar power systems, Boutique Solar offers solar replacement services for existing photovoltaic solar modules or equipment in Perth and surrounding areas. We specialise in replacing solar panels, batteries, and inverters that have aged or sustained damage, ensuring your solar power unit functions optimally for years to come.

Over time, solar equipment degrades, resulting in a decline in renewable energy production and energy efficiency. In some cases, the solar energy system may be damaged beyond repair.

Other times, it may have to do with problematic battery storage. While repair and maintenance services can address certain issues, age-related wear and tear often necessitate complete solar system replacement.By monitoring your solar output and energy usage, you can identify when it’s time for solar panel replacement. Common reasons for solar equipment malfunctions include heavy wind, hail, debris, water damage, and mishandling. Cracks on solar cells or broken parts are clear indicators that your existing solar components need replacement. Investing in a new solar system ultimately saves you more money in the long run compared to constantly fixing a faulty one.

Choose Boutique Solar for Your Solar Needs in Perth

Whether you’re interested in solar inverter replacement in Perth, or solar panel replacement services, our professional solar services team is here to assist you. Contact Boutique Solar today by calling Chris at 0491 028 430 or sending us an email for all your solar-related needs. Experience the difference that a reliable, high-quality solar energy system can make in your life right away!

Is it Time for Solar Panel Replacement?

Over time, solar panels may deteriorate due to ageing, damage, or technological advancements. If your solar system is underperforming, experiencing frequent issues, or has outdated components, it may be time for a replacement. Signs include reduced energy output, cracks, discolouration, or outdated inverters. Boutique Solar offers professional assessment and expert advice to determine if a replacement is necessary. Our experienced team will evaluate your system's condition, recommend the best action, and provide efficient solar panel replacement services. Ensure optimal performance and maximise your solar investment with our reliable solutions.

Our Process In Few Steps
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Step one
Assessment & Consultation
Our solar experts assess the condition and performance of your current solar system to determine if a replacement is necessary. We provide personalised recommendations based on your energy needs.
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Step Two:
Replacement Planning & Procurement
Once the decision is made to replace your solar system, we carefully plan the replacement process. We handle the procurement of high-quality solar components and ensure seamless delivery to your location.
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Step Three:
Professional Installation & Testing
Our skilled technicians install the new solar system with precision and attention to detail. We conduct thorough testing to ensure optimal performance and safety, giving you peace of mind with your upgraded solar installation.

How it works

When it comes to solar replacement services, Boutique Solar stands out among the leading solar companies perth has to offer. With our extensive experience and expertise, we deliver high-quality solutions tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch products, personalized service, and a deep-rooted commitment to professionalism. Plus, our competitive pricing ensures you get the best value for your investment. When choosing Boutique Solar, expect a seamless and satisfying solar replacement journey. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and relish the perks of our dependable service.

Increase Efficiency
Upgrade to modern solar technology and improve the efficiency of your solar system for maximum energy production.
Enhance Performance
Replace outdated or faulty components to optimize the performance of your solar system and ensure it operates at its full potential.
Extend Lifespan
Renew your solar system by replacing worn-out parts, extending its lifespan, and maximizing the return on your investment.


Evaluate the age, efficiency, and performance of your current solar system. If it's outdated, underperforming, or experiencing frequent issues, it may be time for replacement.
The duration depends on the complexity of the replacement. Generally, it can take a few days to a couple of weeks. Our team ensures minimal disruption during the process.
Absolutely! Solar replacement provides an opportunity to upgrade components like panels, inverters, or batteries, enhancing your system's performance and energy savings.
"Thank you to Boutique solar for the great service. Your openness and great communication about the options and the best choice were great. Your service was great and so is the pricing."
- Haya Hagit Cohen

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