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Tailored Solar Solutions: Residential and Commercial
Boutique Solar: Perth's Elite Solar System Installation Authority

Boutique Solar stands out as one of the top solar companies in Perth, specializing in high-quality solar panel installations and comprehensive solutions for solar power systems. Recognized for our expertise in both residential and commercial solar system installations, we cater to a wide range of solar needs across Western Australia. Our exceptional service in solar panel installations in Perth and solar battery installations sets us apart, offering a seamless transition to renewable energy.

Bespoke Residential Solar System Installation in Perth

Our residential solar installation services in Perth are designed to meet the unique needs of each home. Whether it's a modern dwelling or a heritage property, we ensure that our solar panels complement the aesthetic while maximizing energy efficiency. Our solar power installers in Perth are skilled in various roof types, ensuring the best solar panel installations possible.

Efficient Commercial Solar System Installation

Businesses can rely on us for commercial solar installations in Perth. We understand the importance of uninterrupted power for commercial operations, which is why our commercial solar panels in Perth are selected for their durability and efficiency. Our expertise in commercial solar system installation in Western Australia makes us a trusted partner for businesses seeking sustainable solar energy solutions.

Our Process In Few Steps
Step one
Consultation & Design
Our experts collaborate with you to assess your energy needs and design a custom solar system for your property.
Step Two:
Professional Installation
Our skilled technicians install high-quality solar panels, inverters, and batteries, ensuring a seamless and efficient setup.
Step Three:
System Activation & Support
Once installed, we activate your solar system and provide ongoing support to maximise its performance and address any queries.

Quality, Reliability, and Expertise in Solar Power

Leading Solar Installers in Perth WA

As one of the best solar panel installers in Perth, we pride ourselves on our team’s extensive training and experience. Our commitment to quality in every solar power installation in Perth ensures that each system delivers optimal performance. Our solar specialists are not just installers; we are innovators in the field of solar energy, continually upgrading our knowledge and techniques to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Comprehensive Solar Panel Installation Services

Our services span from initial solar panel installation to ongoing maintenance and repairs, making us a comprehensive solar installation company in Perth. We offer a full suite of services, including high-quality solar panel system repair near you, making us one of the most versatile solar repair companies in the area.

Why Boutique Solar is Your Ideal Choice

Expertise in Diverse Solar Installations

Our expertise in solar installations in Perth is unmatched. We handle everything from solar panel installations to solar battery installations with precision and care. Whether you need residential solar system installation in Western Australia or commercial solar panel installation, we have the skills and experience to deliver top-quality results.

Local Knowledge, Global Standards

As a local solar installer company in Perth, we combine our intimate knowledge of the region with global best practices. This unique blend ensures that our installations are not only tailored to Perth’s climate and conditions but also adhere to the highest international standards.

Cost Savings
Save money on utilities and increase the value of your home by installing solar panels.
Consultation and Planning
Our experts provide personalized consultation and design tailored solar systems to reliably power your home or business.
Harness Renewable Energy
Tap into the abundant and clean energy of the sun to power your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainability and Innovation in Solar Power

Leading the Way in Solar Technology

Boutique Solar is at the forefront of solar technology, providing innovative solar power solutions in Perth. We stay updated with the latest advancements in solar panels and solar inverters, ensuring that our clients receive the most efficient and reliable systems available.

Committed to a Greener Future

Our dedication to sustainability drives us to be the best solar provider in Perth. We believe in making a positive impact on the environment through our rooftop solar installations, helping to reduce carbon emissions and promote renewable energy use.

Connect with Boutique Solar

For those searching for ‘solar installers in Perth WA’ or ‘best solar companies in Perth’, Boutique Solar is your go-to choice. We offer unparalleled solar installation services, maintenance, and support. Our solar installation team has many years of experience in the solar industry. Contact us today to discover why we are ranked among the best solar companies in Perth WA, and embark on your journey towards sustainable and efficient energy solutions with us.


Yes, solar panels can be installed on various roof types, such as flat roofs, pitched roofs, and metal roofs. Our experts assess your roof's suitability and recommend the best installation method. Rest assured, we'll ensure a secure and efficient solar panel installation on your roof.
The duration depends on the complexity of the project, but our efficient team strives to complete installations in a timely manner.
Solar installation can significantly reduce your electricity bills and even generate excess energy that can be sold back to the grid, providing potential financial returns.
"Chris and Brendan did an excellent job at installing our solar panels Listened to our needs and advised the best possible solution at a reasonable price Chris went above and beyond and even cut down a tree that was impacting the panels I have no hesitation to recommend them for all your solar and electrical requirements."
- Sonja Pilkington

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