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Solar Installation

Boutique Solar is a leading provider of solar energy installation in Perth. We specialise in setting up reliable and efficient residential and commercial systems with superior-quality solar batteries, inverters, and panels.

Solar Repair

Solar panels have a designed lifespan of 20 years, during which they face various weather conditions, debris, and other external factors. Although built to withstand such impacts, solar panels can still suffer damage from broken glass, hail, rocks, and heavy rain.

Solar Replacement

In addition to installing solar power systems, Boutique Solar offers solar replacement services for existing photovoltaic solar modules or equipment in Perth and surrounding areas.

Solar Maintenance

Boutique Solar offers customised solar maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your solar systems.
"Just like to say what a fantastic job Brendan,Chris and company did of my solar panels from Boutique Solar Co.Very professional and very informative about the installation.It is hooked up to my internet so I can keep an eye on what I am using.I would strongly recommend anyone who wants solar to use these guys.I have 6.5 KW panels with a European Fronius Primo inverter ,a great combination that produces plenty of power and makes use of the sun.Natural power."
- keith turnbull

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