Two Rocks
Two Rocks

About Two Rocks

Two Rocks is a suburb that lies at the edge of Perth. It is situated 61 kilometres away from the Perth Central Business District. Two Rocks belongs to the city of Wanneroo. It covers an area of 52 square kilometres. The population is over 3000. It comes under the state electorate of Butler. 

Two Rocks gets its name from the 2 big rocks that jut out from Wreck Point. From its formation till 1990, Two Rocks was the home of the Atlantis Marine Park. It now has a marina under development. 

Although Two Rocks covers a large area of 52 square kilometres, its entire population resides only on either side of the marina in an area of 2.3 square kilometres. This is because the western side of Two Rocks has large shards of ordnance left unexploded by the military during past activity. This area is fenced off. 

Both locals and tourists find Two Rocks a picturesque spot for photography. The beaches and bushlands make this a scenic locale. People love to explore the secret nooks on the beach and enjoy a cosy moment or two. The 2 big rocks and the silent marina make it a magnificent spot at both sunrise and sunset. The calmness of the beach and the beauty of its wooded surroundings can captivate anyone. 

Two Rocks is fast becoming a hot spot on the real estate market. Its value is increasing as the land is affordable and near the beach. Two Rocks is also close to Yanchep and has the Mitchell Freeway coming up next to it.

Neighbourhoods of Two Rocks

Two Rocks is a Greater Perth locale. It is situated on the shoreline and is closest to Yanchep, being only 10 kilometres away. Follow the shoreline and next comes Eglinton, the place of the famous shipwreck discovered 100 years later in the 1920s. Then, you have Alkimos with its beautiful beach and beachside bars and taverns. Next comes Jindalee followed by Quinns Rocks, which has Quinns Beach as its main attraction. Move on further and you have the big town of Clarkson. Next comes Joondalup and finally, the government town centre of Wanneroo.From Two Rocks, moving to the right will bring up Yeal. By moving upwards the location reached is Wilbinga. Move ahead and Guilderton will come up to the left by the coastline. To the right lie Neergabby. Straight ahead from Wilbinga at some distance is Gabbadah. 6037 is the postcode of Two Rocks.

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