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Solar power systems can be very beneficial if set up, installed, and maintained the right way and are you aware that your roof can generate revenue? But how do you know which solar company to trust?

Boutique Solar is a professional solar energy company Nowergup trusts and you can too! Our certified Nowergup solar panel installers help make Western Australian homes self-sufficient.

Our reliable solar equipment installation specialists ensure every solar system we implement delivers maximum efficiency.

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Know About Nowergup

Nowergup is a suburb about 25 miles from Perth. Nowergup falls under the local government of Wanneroo. It has an area of 40 square kilometres.

Nowergup got its name from the Aboriginal Noongar tribe’s vocabulary. It means ‘place of sweet water’, derived from the nearby lake called Lake Nowergup.

Moving from Nowergup along Wanneroo Road, the town of Carramar is present. When taking Neaves Road, Banksia Road comes first. This is followed by Pinjar. Last but not least is Melaleuca.Nowergup is an agricultural town that is sparsely populated.Houses are scattered about. However, it has many plant nurseries and agricultural farms. Although not many people currently reside in Nowergup, its population is expected to increase in the coming years.

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Neighbourhoods of Nowergup

Nowergup falls within the City of Wanneroo. Its postcode is 6032. The place closest to Nowergup is the suburb of Butler. Ridgewood is further down. To the left of Butler lies Jindalee. A little ahead and above Nowergup is the town of Carabooda.Beyond Jindalee and further down, there is Merriwa. Next are the localities of Mindarie and Neerbaup to the left and right. Moving further straight down the main town of Clarkson arises. More ahead lies Tamala Park.

Nowergup has Pinjar Road to the east and the upcoming Mitchell Freeway to the west. Romeo Road and Karoborup Road are to the north of Nowergup. Hester Avenue and Wattle Avenue are to the south.Following Marmion Avenue from Nowergup, one will reach Alkimos and then Eglinton. Eglinton leads finally to the main town of Yanchep.

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Eglinton has several scrublands, woodland, and heath. Some of the native species of plants in the suburb are Xanthorrhoea preissii, Banksia, Casuarina (she-oak), and Nuytsia floribunda.
The Eglinton suburb’s total area is 24.48 square kilometres.
By road, Eglinton to Perth is a drive of about 48 kilometres. To reach Perth from Eglinton, you have to pass through Clarkson, Jindalee, Wanneroo, Hillarys, and Osborne Park to reach Perth. If you don’t have a car, then taxi services are probably the best means of transport
Solar photovoltaic cells in Eglinton weigh between 15-20 kgs per square meter. This weight is manageable by most roofs. Check the condition of your roof and fix the solar panel, as solar panels need to sit there for more than 20 years.

Yes. Solar panels in Eglinton will work on cloudy days. However, they produce less electricity. With little light over the sky, they produce solar power at 50% capacity compared to a sunny day in Eglinton.