Solar Jindalee WA

Boutique Solar is a professional solar energy company Jindalee trusts. Solar power systems can be very beneficial if set up, installed, and maintained the right way. We are proud to be a part of the shift to clean, green, renewable energy. Our certified Jindalee solar panel installers help make Western Australian homes self-sufficient. Our reliable solar equipment installation specialists ensure every solar system we implement delivers maximum output. Do you know that your roof can generate revenue? We assist Jindalee residents in generating additional electricity while reducing their bills and supporting the environment.


About Jindalee

Jindalee is a Western Australian outer coastal suburb of Perth. 

The word Jindalee originates from an Aboriginal word of New South Wales, which when translated means’ bare hill.’ It perhaps signifies the low vegetation in the Eglinton Rocks region. From atop the Eglinton Hill, one can see the scrublands stretching northwards till Eglinton and Yanchep. The untouched beaches near Yanchep are accessible only through sand roads. Jindalee retains its native heritage and looks, with 75% of the land within its native state. 

Jindalee has an area of just 3.6 square kilometres. However substantial urban development as of late has led to an increased settlement. Many people have begun to flock to the area over the past decade. Jindalee now has a nearly 3000-strong membership. The residential development in the pockets of Jindalee has made the suburb friendly, safe, and lovely to stay.

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Neighbourhoods of Jindalee

Founded in 2003, Jindalee is a coastal area of northern Perth. It is located 40 kilometres north of Perth. The Eglinton Rocks mark the northern boundaries of Jindalee, while Quinns Rocks is at the suburb’s far southern end. Butler lies to the east of Jindalee, and the Indian Ocean is the suburb’s west coast. 6036 is the postcode of Jindalee. 

The Butler-Jindalee District Structure Plan of 2003 marks a significant step in the urban development of Jindalee. It proposed more than 900 residential lots, powered with high-speed internet, cable TV connectivity, and underground power supply. While conventional facilities in Jindalee are a recent development, the suburb is well connected to Perth, making it a good place to live in.

Boutique Solar is educated and equipped to work with solar systems. Call Brendan Veale at 0408 909 672 for Jindalee solar services.


Yanchep is the town closest to Jindalee. It is 11.8 kilometres away from Jindalee.
It would take a commuter around an hour to reach Perth from Jindalee by using public transport. On the other hand, a direct drive from Jindalee to Perth would take about half an hour.
Mindarie is the state electorate of Jindalee.
No. Solar panels in Jindalee have a lifespan of 25-30 years.
Home solar energy system installation is very common in Jindalee. Nearly 50% of Greater Perth homes have solar energy installed in their homes. Call a trusted solar energy provider like Boutique Solar to get solar services for your Jindalee home.