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Boutique Solar is a professional solar energy company Eglinton trusts. Solar power systems can be very beneficial if set up, installed, and maintained the right way. We are proud to be a part of the shift to clean, green, renewable energy. Our certified Eglinton solar panel installers help make Western Australian homes self-sufficient. Our reliable solar equipment installation specialists ensure every solar system we implement delivers maximum output. Do you know that your roof can generate revenue? We assist Eglinton residents in generating additional electricity while reducing their bills and supporting the environment.

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Everything About Eglinton

Eglinton is a quiet suburb of Perth in Western Australia. It is 44 kilometres north of the city’s Central Business District, adjoining the Indian Ocean. Large parts of the suburb are covered with woodland of native Banksia and scrublands similar to those in the Swan Coastal Plain. For the most part, the suburb is sparsely populated. The Alkimos-Eglinton region is now being considered for urban development projects. Eglinton is surrounded by Yanchep to the north, Caraboooda to the east, Alkimos to the south, and the Indian Ocean to the West.Swan Coastal Plain’s wetlands and the Pipidinny Swamp in eastern Eglinton have helped low-level agriculture in the area. Apart from a few farm holdings, the suburb has limited urban development. Untouched from rampant urbanisation, Eglinton boasts of many species of scrublands and rich flora and fauna.The state of Western Australia has been mulling over plans to create an Alkimos-Eglinton Satellite City. The state’s land development agency has projected that the proposed centre can house nearly 55,000 people in the future. The development plan includes building hospitals, tertiary educational institutions, and major retail, commercial, and recreational facilities. The suburb’s accessibility to Perth is a significant contributor to the success of the proposed development plan. 

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Neighbourhoods of Eglinton

Eglinton is a great location in the Greater Perth region. North of Eglinton is the area of Yanchep while Alkimos is to the south. Carabooda forms the eastern boundaries of the suburb. Eglinton lies somewhat in between Mitchell Freeway to the east and the Indian Ocean to its west. The postal code of Eglinton is 6034. 

Eglinton is close to suburbs like Butler and Joondalup. Most Eglinton residents commute to work using Butler Station. Being a newly developed community, the neighbourhoods in Eglinton are limited. Pipidinny Road, Marmion Avenue, Revolution Avenue, and Luminous Avenue, Viridian Boulevard, and Cinnabar Drive are some neighbourhoods here.

Little agricultural activities are carried out in Wanneroo and Pipidinny road. New housing estates are flourishing around Marmion Avenue, a significant roadway network that passes through Eglinton. The arterial road of 38 kilometres connects Eglinton to other suburbs of Perth. Along with providing access to State Route 71, Marmion Avenue connects Trigg in the south with Yanchep up north. 

Boutique Solar is educated and equipped to work with solar systems. Brendan Veale at 0408 909 672 for Eglinton solar services.


Eglinton has several scrublands, woodland, and heath. Some of the native species of plants in the suburb are Xanthorrhoea preissii, Banksia, Casuarina (she-oak), and Nuytsia floribunda.
The Eglinton suburb’s total area is 24.48 square kilometres.
By road, Eglinton to Perth is a drive of about 48 kilometres. To reach Perth from Eglinton, you have to pass through Clarkson, Jindalee, Wanneroo, Hillarys, and Osborne Park to reach Perth. If you don’t have a car, then taxi services are probably the best means of transport
Solar photovoltaic cells in Eglinton weigh between 15-20 kgs per square meter. This weight is manageable by most roofs. Check the condition of your roof and fix the solar panel, as solar panels need to sit there for more than 20 years.

Yes. Solar panels in Eglinton will work on cloudy days. However, they produce less electricity. With little light over the sky, they produce solar power at 50% capacity compared to a sunny day in Eglinton.