How Can Installing Solar Panels Boost Property Value?

How Can Installing Solar Panels Boost Property Value?

Solar panels not only save you energy but contribute to increasing the market value of your home. Australians believe homes with solar are more valuable and that panels are quite cool additions. With 57% of homeowners saying they would pay up to $10,000 more for a home equipped with solar and 60% would spend at least that much more for a home with both solar and a battery wall.
Roof solar is the most widely used application and has increased property values from 4% to 8%. You can rent your home for 55% more value. So, overall, the picture looks honeycombed for a solar revolution. A professional solar energy company can help in this regard.

Best Solar Panels for Your Home

Electric power consumption, dimension, and longevity of the panels should be taken into consideration while installing photovoltaic panels. There is no point in installing panels where your property receives the least sunlight. So, make sure that the panels are placed suitably.
This helps to capture more excellent sunlight and ensures its effectiveness. Solar panels have dramatically changed home values. Solar panels help you to sell your home faster. According to stats, the market for a home with photovoltaic power shoots up by 20% when compared to others.

Offset the Initial Cost of Installation

The average costs of solar panel installation in Australia are around $5,000 depending on the size, materials, and also installer fees. So, you might be considering the ROI and whether it would be feasible enough. You can offset this initial setup cost by using the numerous refund schemes offered by the government to first-time solar panel users. The returns also depend on various factors like:

  •  Location of your home and the presence of active solar energy markets
  •  The present value of your property. Remember that large-sized homes receive higher boasts during the valuation
  •  The size of your installation also plays a key role. It’s directly proportional to the number of panels being installed by you

How to Maintain your Solar Panels?

Solar panels once installed offer increasing returns. Most first-rate manufacturers also provide 25+ years of service warranty. Maintain them properly and enter into a contract with technicians for periodic maintenance. Many purchasers have installed these panels themselves.
It drives home the point of lower energy bills and contributes to the green initiative. Interestingly it can reduce your energy expenses to just $30 a month. You can use dryers, dishwashers in the morning to save on energy bills. Whether you are thinking about marketing your residential property in the future or wanting to add worth gradually, photovoltaic solar panels could be a great option.


Home is your greatest investment, and it’s essential to upgrade it regularly. Solar panels not only save your bills but boosts the value of property in the long run. Solar panels now occupy more residences than ever before.  Stats suggest that as much as 19% of the Australian population currently uses solar of some kind in their homes, whether it is simply to aid with water heating or a complete solar energy device that feeds excess power back into the grid.
When you install solar panels correctly, it can fetch up to 200% more returns in 10 years. Always take the help of professional installers as this not a DIY. So, in short, one of the best ways to give your residential home a leg up is to install solar energy panels. It will increase your future savings and conversely increase the resale value of your property in the future.
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