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At Boutique Solar, we are more than just a professional solar company in Perth, Western Australia; we are pioneers in transforming homes and businesses with high-quality solar panels, inverters, and renewable energy solutions. Our mission is to harness the abundant sunshine of Australia and convert it into clean, efficient energy, offering cost-effective solar power systems across Western Australia.

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Why Boutique Solar is the Top Choice for Solar in Perth

  • Expertise in Solar Technology: With a deep understanding of solar panel technology and solar inverter systems, we offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific energy requirements.
  • Comprehensive Solar Solutions: Our wide range of services includes solar installation, maintenance services, and solar power installations, ensuring a complete solar solution for every home and business in Perth.
  • Diverse Solar Packages: From residential rooftops to commercial installations, we provide diverse solar packages that cater to different energy needs and roof types, including flat roofs and north-facing solar installations.

Our Premium Solar Products and Services

  1. Solar Panel Installations: Specialising in rooftop solar, we offer installations that maximize energy consumption efficiency. Our solar systems are designed to harness maximum sunshine hours, ensuring incredible savings on electricity prices.
  2. Solar Inverters and Batteries: We provide top-tier solar inverters and solar batteries, key components in managing energy efficiency and storing excess electricity for energy at night.
  3. Energy Independence Solutions: Our solar power systems help in achieving energy independence, reducing reliance on traditional energy providers, and promoting the use of renewable energy sources.
  4. Solar Quotes and Cost Savings: Get a solar quote from us and discover how solar energy can lead to significant cost savings, both in terms of initial cost and operational costs.

Innovation and Quality in Solar Energy

  • Leading Technologies and Brands: Boutique Solar uses products from leading solar modules manufacturers like Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, and LONGi Hi-MO, ensuring you have access to industry-leading technology and quality solar products.

  • Warranties and Services: We offer comprehensive warranties, including a product warranty and performance warranty, to ensure peace of mind. Our service extends beyond installation, covering maintenance and any inverter replacement needs.

  • Custom Solar Solutions: Whether it’s a solar pool heating requirement or a complete solar power system for your house, we provide custom solutions backed by our expertise in solar panel technology.

Sustainable Solar Power for a Greener Future

  • Environmental Commitment: We are dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and harmful carbon emissions. Our solar solutions contribute significantly to environmental savings, making them an excellent opportunity for those seeking to make a difference.

  • Solar Rebates and Affordable Options: Understanding the importance of affordability, we assist with solar rebate information and offer various payment plans and competitive prices to make solar accessible to more homes in Perth.

  • Educational Approach: As a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited solar specialist, we believe in educating our customers about solar energy, from the basics of photovoltaic cells to the complexities of solar system sizes and energy requirements.

Your Partner in Solar Energy

Customer-Centric Service: At Boutique Solar, customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. From the initial solar quote to post-installation monitoring, our team is dedicated to providing class service and efficient service.

Perth Solar Warehouse and Perth Solar Force Collaboration: By working with renowned names like Perth Solar Warehouse and Perth Solar Force, we bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to deliver top-notch solar solutions.

Wide Service Range: Covering areas from Perth Solar to Western Australia, our services extend to various regions, ensuring that quality solar is accessible to a broader audience.

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Ready to dive into solar with Boutique Solar? Contact us for a free quote and consultation. Our dedicated team, from sales to our in-house installation teams, is ready to guide you through every step of your solar journey. With Boutique Solar, you get more than just solar panels; you get a complete, efficient solar energy system tailored to your needs.

Call us at 0491 028 430 to start your journey towards sustainable and efficient energy with Boutique Solar – Perth's trusted solar energy experts.

Maximize Your

Harness the power of quality solar energy to reduce your utility bills and increase the value of your home. Save money while making a sustainable choice.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Providing a 5-star customer service experience is our commitment. We strive to exceed your expectations in every interaction, ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority.

Energy Independence for Your Home

Tap into the abundant and free energy of the sun by installing solar panels on your roof. Take control of your energy consumption and contribute to a greener future.

Expert Consultation and Planning

Our team of certified engineers specializes in designing reliable solar systems for remote industrial locations. Rely on our expertise to power your critical operations.

Certified Engineering Excellence

Our sales engineers boast extensive experience in the solar industry. With their expertise, they can design and customize complete solar systems tailored to your specific needs. Contact our customer service team right away for solar solutions that will lower your energy bills in Perth!

Awards & Milestones

Benefiting from nearly 10 years experience.

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"After a couple of quotes from others that didn't make me feel too confident I contacted Boutique Solar. They actually cared about what we needed in our system and weren't there to push a certain brand or size system. Even got on the roof to ensure they could do what they said they were going to do. The work is done by Brendan and Chris themselves and the quality is exceptional. They are both very knowledgeable and I will be strongly recommending Boutique Solar to everyone."
- Andrew Hood

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    What people say about Boutique Solar

    Very happy with our installation process and quote. I felt well informed the whole way. Brendan and Chris were great to deal with, and easy to talk to if i was unsure about anything. 100% would recommend them to anyone. Cheers boys I'm a very happy customer.

    l mcg

    Installed our solar recently. Very happy with the job, and the price. Also the set up of the tech eg apps and how to demonstrated was simple and in layman's . Great job.

    David Papandrea

    I’d highly recommend Brendan and Chris for installing solar on your home.They installed 2 systems for me , and both where finished to perfection.They gave me a good deal also which I was very happy with.


    Thank you to Boutique solar for the great service. Your openness and great communication about the options and the best choice were great. Your service was great and so is the pricing.

    Haya Hagit Cohen