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Embark on Your Solar Journey with Boutique Solar

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Boutique Solar is a reliable professional solar energy company serving Perth, Western Australia. We are proud to be a part of the shift to clean, green, renewable energy and are glad people have made the switch to solar! We install effective solar systems with components that are functioning properly and in working order. We are solar equipment installation specialists who are passionate about solar power and will work hard to ensure maximum output is achieved from every solar system we install.

Comprehensive Solar Solutions for Perth and Beyond

Experience solar excellence with Boutique Solar’s premium materials, empowering your projects with unrivalled quality and performance.

Solar Installation

Solar Installation

Boutique Solar is a leading provider of solar energy installation in Perth. We specialise in setting up reliable and efficient residential and commercial systems with superior-quality solar batteries, inverters, and panels.

Solar Repair

Solar panels have a designed lifespan of 20 years, during which they face various weather conditions, debris, and other external factors. Although built to withstand such impacts, solar panels can still suffer damage from broken glass, hail, rocks, and heavy rain.

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Solar Replacement

In addition to installing solar power systems, Boutique Solar offers solar replacement services for existing photovoltaic solar modules or equipment in Perth and surrounding areas. We specialise in replacing solar panels, batteries, and inverters that have aged or sustained damage.

Boutique Solar Co_Solar Maintenance

Solar Maintenance

Boutique Solar offers customised solar maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your solar systems. Regular maintenance can enhance the efficiency and benefits of your solar panels, regardless of their model, design, type, or years of usage.

Are you ready to harness the unlimited potential of solar energy in Perth? 

Chris and Brendan have great experience with installing solar batteries, solar panels, and solar inverters for homes and offices all over Western Australia. We have the knowledge and training required to solve any solar energy problem that may be encountered. We are an honest and affordable solar installation company.

Perth locals know that our experienced Electricians and solar system experts can get the job done whether you want to install a new solar system or replace the existing one. Whether the original manufacturer is no longer in business or their support is missing or prices are too high, no matter the reason to switch, Boutique Solar is here.

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Embark on Your Solar Journey with Boutique Solar

"After a couple of quotes from others that didn't make me feel too confident I contacted Boutique Solar. They actually cared about what we needed in our system and weren't there to push a certain brand or size system. Even got on the roof to ensure they could do what they said they were going to do. The work is done by Brendan and Chris themselves and the quality is exceptional. They are both very knowledgeable and I will be strongly recommending Boutique Solar to everyone."
Andrew Hood

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