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Boutique Solar is a professional solar company in Perth. At Boutique Solar, we aim to drive the transition toward a more sustainable future. With our cutting-edge technologies and solutions, we empower individuals and communities with reliable and affordable energy systems.


Choose Boutique Solar for Premier Solar Energy Solutions in Perth

Boutique Solar is a professional solar energy company, specializing in top-quality solar power installations for residences in Perth. Our agency uses a wide range of trusted products to help you choose the right solar energy system.

Perth has created a renewable energy revolution in Australia with its highest solar panel installation in homes and businesses. Boutique Solar directly procures solar panels and inverters from manufacturers, offering the best deals not only for Perth residents but also for those in the surrounding suburbs.

Our technical team, comprised of local Perth Electricians and Electrical Contractors, leads the field. We are supported by the latest technology from the world's leading solar equipment companies.

Discover High-Quality Solar Services in Perth, WA

Boutique Solar is a local Perth solar energy company serving Perth and surrounding areas. Just search for ‘solar Perth' and we will appear. Our team of local electricians can drive to your home or office within 45 minutes in most instances. Our solar energy contractors, expert electricians, and certified installers will come to your location in Perth, Alkimos, and nearby areas of the Northern Perth region.

As a local solar service provider, we know that solar is unique to every Western Australian property. Therefore, we use a personalized approach for each customer. Our agency always utilizes the latest tools and technology to install and replace your solar equipment.

Switch to solar and be rewarded with drastically reduced power bills and receive the best in service and care. That's our promise!

Contact Boutique Solar, your trustworthy Perth solar energy company today. Our customer service team can be reached at 0491 028 430 for a free estimate and discounted rates. You ain't seen solar until you see Boutique in action!


Maximize Your

Harness the power of quality solar energy to reduce your utility bills and increase the value of your home. Save money while making a sustainable choice.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Providing a 5-star customer service experience is our commitment. We strive to exceed your expectations in every interaction, ensuring your satisfaction is our top priority.

Energy Independence for Your Home

Tap into the abundant and free energy of the sun by installing solar panels on your roof. Take control of your energy consumption and contribute to a greener future.

Expert Consultation and Planning

Our team of certified engineers specializes in designing reliable solar systems for remote industrial locations. Rely on our expertise to power your critical operations.

Certified Engineering Excellence

Our sales engineers boast extensive experience in the solar industry. With their expertise, they can design and customize complete solar systems tailored to your specific needs. Contact our customer service team right away for solar solutions that will lower your energy bills in Perth!

Awards & Milestones

Benefiting from nearly 10 years experience.

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"After a couple of quotes from others that didn't make me feel too confident I contacted Boutique Solar. They actually cared about what we needed in our system and weren't there to push a certain brand or size system. Even got on the roof to ensure they could do what they said they were going to do. The work is done by Brendan and Chris themselves and the quality is exceptional. They are both very knowledgeable and I will be strongly recommending Boutique Solar to everyone."
- Andrew Hood

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    What people say about Boutique Solar

    Very happy with our installation process and quote. I felt well informed the whole way. Brendan and Chris were great to deal with, and easy to talk to if i was unsure about anything. 100% would recommend them to anyone. Cheers boys I'm a very happy customer.

    l mcg

    Installed our solar recently. Very happy with the job, and the price. Also the set up of the tech eg apps and how to demonstrated was simple and in layman's . Great job.

    David Papandrea

    I’d highly recommend Brendan and Chris for installing solar on your home.They installed 2 systems for me , and both where finished to perfection.They gave me a good deal also which I was very happy with.


    Thank you to Boutique solar for the great service. Your openness and great communication about the options and the best choice were great. Your service was great and so is the pricing.

    Haya Hagit Cohen